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Although effectively used to treat incurable, life-threatening diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Arthritis etc., Protein based drugs (Biologics) can cost up to twenty-two times more than traditional small-molecule medicines. Since Biologics are mostly used to treat illnesses that require continual treatment, it makes them very unaffordable for patients of developing countries.

At Magellan Biologix™ we are focused on catering to this need for affordable Biologics. Our proprietary technology for production of these Biologics, Magellan X-Ceed™ (Patent pending), is time and cost efficient with extremely competitive yield to cost benefits. 


Our Science:

Our proprietary Magellan X-Ceed™ (Patent Pending) platform facilitates recombinant protein based food additives/supplements on an industrial scale with extremely competitive cost to yield benefits. The salient features of Magellan X-Ceed™ (Patent Pending) are as follows:

  • Based on proprietary chaperone molecule.
  • Very high expression levels of proteins of interest 
  • Heat stable properties
  • Simplified down stream purification


Our Pipeline:


    • Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)

    • Glucagon