Sowing A Scalable Future The Recombinant Way...

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A Ticking Food Bomb! - In less than forty years from now, food shortage will become as serious an issue, as the energy crisis, enough to politically destabilize governments. The global population is set to rise at 30% by mid-century which would result in 70% increase in the food demand. Scarcity of land, water and energy resources will not be able to meet this growing demand. 

At Magellan PALATES™ we believe that why waste acres of land if the same can be created in the labs, the recombinant way. Many of the enzymes, extracts, additives which are used today in their natural form, in soft drinks, confectionary items, dairy products etc. can be created in our labs.


Our Science:

Our proprietary Magellan X-Ceed™ (Patent Pending) platform facilitates recombinant protein based food additives/supplements on an industrial scale with extremely competitive cost to yield benefits. The salient features of Magellan X-Ceed™ (Patent Pending) are as follows:

  • Based on proprietary chaperone molecule.
  • Very high expression levels of proteins of interest 
  • Heat stable properties
  • Simplified down stream purification


Our Pipeline: 


  • Proteins for Food Industry:

      • Chymosin

      • Protein Based Sugar Substitute

      • Pure Soy Protein Component

  • Proteins for Food Sterility:

    • Anti-Microbial Peptides