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At Magellan Vaxines™ we are leveraging our proprietary subunit vaccine engineering and delivery platform to overcome the short comings of traditional whole virus based vaccines in creating highly effective vaccines for human and veterinary health.  

Our Science:

  • Novel approach to designing and targeting subunit vaccine antigens to the relevant immune cells.
  • Strong immune response to our vaccine candidates in animal models.
  • Minimal requirement for adjuvants.
  • Long lasting immune memory to the antigen candidate.
  • Scalable production platform under BSL 1 facilities.
  • No animal derived components in our production process.
  • Ability to rapidly re-engineer the vaccine to counter constantly evolving viral strains.
  • Potential for nasal delivery.

Our Pipeline: 


  • Human Subunit Vaccines:

      • Malaria

      • Dengue

      • Chikungynya CHKV

      • Measles

      • Ebola

      • MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) 


  • Veterinary Subunit Vaccines:

      • Rabies (With Immuno-Castration)

      • Foot And Mouth